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Hello and welcome,

My name is Shelby and I am the one behind vegansperspective.com. I wanted to create a resource that is easy to read for anyone curious about starting their initial steps with veganism or even for those that are just curious. I find that a lot of sites about veganism are hard to follow, so I wanted to have a place that would be easily understandable by those that visit. My goal is to address the most common and controversial questions posed to vegans, without any of the rhetoric sometimes used.

My “Why”

So ask any vegan what made them so vegan, and every one of them will have a story. From something they experienced first hand, reading a book or article, or watching a movie everyone has their reason. Mine was from watching a YouTube video that changed my opinion of eating animals overnight.

It wasn’t Cowspriracy, or What the Health, or one of the usual documentaries that many will be familiar with. It was a documentary called Lucent. It came out in 2014 and is shows the horrors of pig faming. I found it absolutely sickening and heartbreaking. It contains hidden camera footage from numerous pig farms across Australia with pigs in depolarable conditions.

After watching this, I almost turned vegan overnight. I had a conversation with my wife, asking her if she would be able to have such a (what I thought would be a) radical change in the lives of us and our two kids. She agreed. We attempted to finish our non vegan food in the fridge over the next several days, but couldn’t do it and ended up throwing everything out. That was 2017. We still haven’t died from a protein deficiency, and in fact, are doing quite well.

I Want to Help Educate Those That Are Curious

Most of us have heard the joke: “How can you tell if someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you”. Cute. That wasn’t really the case with me. I was vegan for months or years before my co-workers knew, and even then it just came up naturally in conversation. The goal of this site isn’t to “force my views down your throat”. You came here, remember? I simply want to give people an introduction into veganism and why people make the switch.

Doing My Part

So I just wanted to have a collection of helpful resources all in one place. From pieces I’ve written, to articles, videos, books, etc. that I feel are worth checking out. I hope that by checking my site out, that at the very least, you’ll leave with a more open mind when it comes to the world of veganism. And if by some chance there is something here that has you consider turning vegan, even better.

That being said, I’m not perfect. And I can’t claim to be an “expert” of any sort. Is there something you disagree with? Let me know. Have a comment or opinion about anything on the site? Let me know. A fellow vegan dropping by, and just want to say hi? I’d love it. Please contact me any time.


Shelby D.

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